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The question of the decade…

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been defined in many ways, but is basically an intelligent, digital, model-based process for planning, designing, and managing buildings and infrastructure.

A way of working, BIM can be hard to define, explain and implement throughout any project or industry. Architects, Engineers, and Construction firms are leading the charge with this revolutionary innovation.

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Now, the question becomes...

How do I market my BIM capability to customers?

How do I find firms to collaborate with on BIM projects?

BIM2Market is a service designed to aid the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry in marketing their BIM-ability, to drive consumer demand, gain competitive advantage, develop internal process improvement, and increase revenue.

According to the 2013 McGraw Hill SmartMarket Report, “Marketing and the ability to promote new BIM-related services are among the top benefits reported.”

How does this stack up?

The Numbers



of users say marketing BIM to clients brings significant value



of those surveyed say adding BIM to their toolbox brings a high-level of benefit to their practice



of BIM users indicate that BIM capability is having an impact on their companies winning new work

The Good News

BIM2Market is your answer!

BIM2Market will analyze your current BIM Marketing/Business Process, in order to provide a customized marketing strategy with collateral, communication, and cross-promotion opportunities, positioning you and your firm as a leader in the BIM industry with…

  • A Full Marketing Consultation
  • A Deep Dive Analysis of Your BIM Marketing/Business Process
  • Customized Marketing Support Collateral
  • Detailed Marketing and Digital Communication Strategy
  • Web-based Cross-Promotion and Content Syndication
  • Membership into the BIM Provider Network

Want proof?

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